Probably one of the “neatest” things we can all learn to do is look at an object, thenduplicate it on a piece of paper.  We’ve all seen this done with a pencil or pen that produces a drawing.  But to do this with broad, sweeping washes of COLOR  is exciting. Better yet, to do this AND make it more attractive than it is in real life borders on MAGIC!  Now, how about doing all this and making it bright, fresh and crisp so it makes anyone’s pulse rate quicken so they’d like to hang it on their wall for all to see –


That’s what this medium is all about. Fortunately subject matter is everywhere and only a few, readily available supplies are needed  and are not very expensive.


The only missing ingredient is “How to Paint with Watercolors”, or watercolor painting instruction.

Here again we’re all lucky. Not many years ago this desire to “create”, or make this magic appear on paper meant making it up as you go along, as good watercolor painting instruction in this area appeared only in books, and the books were painfully scarce. Now, however, we have the internet with good books on the subject accessible from national book stores AND videos and DVDs of watercolor painting demonstrations as well as lists of watercolor workshops being conducted all over the country!

Anyone can learn to produce good art. ANYONE! After all, it is a skill, and skill is teachable. The first thing for you to understand is YOU can DO IT! The key is GOOD instruction, and lots of practice. When I first learning to draw and paint with watercolors, my pet peeve was (and remains today) the blind alleys down which I was directed, the myths about art that abound, and the time I wasted with just plain bad instruction. At this web site you’ll find the watercolor book, watercolor painting videos/DVDs, and watercolor workshops, as well as inspiration that allows YOU TOO, to DO IT!

Tony Couch Watercolor


Upcoming Workshops

Watercolor painting artist Tony Couch teaches watercolor workshops across the U.S. and abroad. Tony Couch's watercolor classes are for students, beginners, intermediate level painters and professional painters alike. Tony Couch teaches the basics of design, and you paint your first watercolor paintin the very first day. Learn how to paint with watercolor, learn watercolor techniques, learn watercolor for beginners, learn watercolor tips, and more with artist Tony Couch.

Cambria, CA March 5-8
St. Petersburg, FL, Mar 20-23
LaCrosse, WI, April 9-12
St Simons Isl, GA, April 30- May 3
Folsom, CA, May 21-23

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